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Lillian Tablesettings Gold Rectangles:

Posted 7/10/2014

Fans of our Rectangular collection will be elated to find Gold Rectangle Dinnerware added to this uber sophisticated line of contemporary dishes. Don’t forget the matching gold cutlery!

Nicole Home Collection Parchment Paper:

Posted 7/04/2014

Expanding our food preparation department, we bring to the market Parchment Paper in convenient rolls and pre-cut sheets.

Hanna K. Signature Collection Dinnerware:

Posted 6/11/2014

3 new elegant square patterns join our upscale Hanna K Signature collection dinnerware. We’re pleased to introduce Bella Vite, Swirls and Pearls, and Razzle Dazzle. These fashionable designs are already favorites among our most discerning customers.

Nicole Home Collection Everyday Printed Patterns:

Posted 4/05/2014

…and we’re back with new and exciting everyday printed, durable dinnerware in 2 new fashionable patterns! Check out our newest patriotic design, Stars ‘n Stripes, and our merry Dazzling Dots.

Party Dimensions Neons:

Posted 3/19/2014

Get ready for the most attractive, colorful and exciting line unveiled just in time for Spring! Our brand new innovative Neon Collection is the largest collection you will find of matching tinted neon partyware! Our packaging is designed with fun in mind! Great for all year round parties.

Nicole Home Collection Cold Cup:

Posted 2/22/2014

Everyone will love and appreciate our new Cold Cup with Lids and Straws! These beautifully designed, clear cups make cold drinks easy to travel with and fun to drink from. Add in the fact that they’re disposable, and we have a sure winner. Attractive packaging pops off the shelves!

Nicole Home Collection Vinyl Gloves:

Posted 1/17/2014

Keeping your food preparation sanitary begins with clean, covered hands. Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, our latex-free vinyl gloves will make every chore easier! Also available in a convenient universal size 50 ct. box.

Nicole Home Collection Winter-Themed Hot Cup:

Posted 12/15/2013

Our hot/cold cups with matching lids have been a huge hit! We’ve expanded the line with a new decorative Snowflake pattern cup to warm up those chilly days.

Nicole Home Collection Mini Containers:

Posted 10/30/2013

Good things come in small packages! And now available to organize and store even the smallest good things and foods are our convenient Mini Containers with Lids. Available in Round and Rectangle shapes.

Hanna K. Signature Printed Dinnerware:

Posted 9/05/2013

Beautiful autumn shades and foliage define our two new patterned paper dinnerware sets.

1. Our Leaves pattern brings sophistication to your table in rich leafy hues

2. Floral Art highlights the beauty of the season with a wreath-like pattern edging the round plates and combining magnificent hues with seasonal flowers. These patterns are versatile – they can be enjoyed year-round as well!

Nicole Home Collection Hot Cups with Lids:

Posted 6/20/2013

Get ready for more delightful patterns on our Hot/Cold Cups with matching lids. Introducing our newest pattern: Stamped Leaves. At 16 ounces, this cup is a perfect size for those on-the-go and pretty enough for everyone!

Nicole Home Collection 7 oz Clear cups:

Posted 6/15/2013

How can a disposable cup get even more convenient? We have the answer! Our most popular 7 ounce size is now available in a whopping 600 count! Ships in a super attractive display box.
7 Ounce Cup, 600 ct.

Nicole Home Collection Bath Cups:

Posted 2/06/2013

Something you’ve been waiting for: Paper Bath Cups. With a pretty hand-painted flowery pattern, this 5 oz cup is perfect for the whole family. Available in 2 convenient unit counts. Ships in attractive display boxes - simply punch out the die-cut opening and place on the shelf!


Posted 12/19/2012

Following quickly on the heels of our enormously successful Pink Everyday Floral Ensemble, our brand new Blue Everyday Floral Ensemble hits the markets with plates that are stronger than ever! A must-have for all supermarkets. Ships in beautiful display boxes.


Posted 11/18/2012

Both pretty and economical, these 16 oz drinking cups are available in 6 colors and packaged in brightly decorated plastic sleeves – perfect for parties and everyday. Ships in matching display boxes and available in 2 unit counts.

Nicole Home Collection PRINTED COFFEE CUPS:

Posted 11/14/2012

Drinking coffee has never been so enjoyable! Our beautifully printed Coffee Cups in 16 oz and 12 oz sizes are available packaged with our classic black lids or without. Lids are also sold separately. Attractive packaging ensures that these items jump off the shelves! Coated for hot or cold.

Nicole Home Collection CUPCAKE HOLDERS:

Posted 10/04/2012

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious cupcake? We’ve updated the packaging on our Cupcake Holders to bring you 4 stunning boxes in coordinating colors that look good enough to eat! Available in 4 sizes.

Nicole Home Collection 10 GALLON STORAGE BAGS:

Posted 9/20/2012

These Extra Large 10 Gallon Storage Bags are super strong with expandable bottoms and carrying handles. Sold in a very attractive countertop/shelf display to bring value and quality to your customers.


Posted 8/9/2012

22 new Food Storage Containers are Microwaveable and offer an excellent solution to food storing. These containers are available in both black and white with clear lids, in various sizes and quantities.


Experience a whole new world of disposables with our brand new sleek Rectangle Dinnerware in a unique flared rectangular shape. 5-Piece Set includes Entrée, Salad and Appetizer plates along with Soup and Dessert bowls. Available in 7 classic & trendy colors!


Servingware has never been more convenient with our medium and extra-large serving pieces available in 3 colors. Created and developed specifically to accommodate busy, high-traffic events, these pieces will please a large crowd as well as smaller, intimate affairs. Best used with our matching Serving Utensils.


Our Extra-heavyweight Serving Utensils include a Serving Spoon, Salad Fork and Slotted Spoon, available in 3 favorite colors in a sleek design to coordinate with our modern rectangle flare. Perfect sizes match our extra-large Servingware pieces.


Our sensational one-of-a-kind Flared Tumbler set brings your dining to a whole new level! With a square bottom and round top, the merging lines create a beautiful silhouette and are sure to enhance every drink. Matching Coffee Mugs are available in 3 colors! Cocktails take on a whole new perspective with our heavyweight Barware glasses in 3 perfect sizes.


Welcome to the creative world of dessert showcasing, where it takes a Mini to Make a Big Impression! We consulted with event planners to bring to you the most popular and unique Mini Collection for those special occasions.


We’re pleased to bring to you our new array of Printed Paperware Ensembles, perfect for all your important calendar occasions and events, from Everyday Dining to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Party Dimensions SERVING UTENSILS:

Adding to our hit “Wave Pattern” Design, we now introduce to you a variety of beautiful, sturdy matching Serving Utensils in our signature Wave Pattern, including Serving Spoons & Forks in 3 best-selling colors, Salad Tongs & Punch Ladle.


This new hand-painted Everyday Floral Ensemble is a one-of-a-kind pattern that is absolutely the perfect choice for everyday dining. Made of sturdy paper stock and available in 6 matching pieces, this set is quickly becoming a household delight. Available in convenient High-Counts and Display Boxes!

Nicole Home Collection EVERDAY ESSENTIALS:

Your favorite household line is rapidly expanding with essential quality items that now includes White Plastic Dinnerware, White Foams sold by case or pallet, White Polypropylene Cutlery in 3 count varieties, new counts and newly packaged Food Storage Bags, Containers and Translucent Cups.

Nicole Home Collection Garbage Bags:

Due to overwhelming popular demand, we’ve expanded our Garbage Bag line to include more count options and included updated package designs.

Nicole Home Collection CANDLE HOLDERS:

Aluminum Candle Holders are the perfect way to keep tapered candles neat and clean. Packaged in an attractive die-cut box and available in a convenient 50 count, these holders are the perfect option to eliminate sticky candle messes.

News and Information