King Zak Industries, Inc - GAM Associates
Manufacturer & Distributor
of Quality Disposables Servicing Party Stores,
Supermarkets, Institutions & Caterers
The Party Professionals - Since 1985

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Our Facilities

Our tightly integrated state-of-the-art facility ensures your orders are handled efficiently and quickly. We own and operate our own fleet of trucks and trailers, ensuring your deliveries are received on time and handled with care.

Our Production Capabilities

  • We manufacture in the U.S. as well as overseas

  • We maintain high levels of inventory to ensure that our customers receive the same quality product each time an order is placed.

Our Order Processing and Customer Service Capabilities

  • All orders are received by our dedicated customer support group

  • Orders are processed quickly, efficiently and correctly

  • We maintain a customer service department that assists our customers at all levels
    (i.e. corporate stores and franchises) to ensure total satisfaction.

Our Fulfillment Capabilities

  • We maintain a state of the art distribution facility in Goshen, NY

  • We maintain a logistics group whose responsibility is to ensure orders are picked and shipped in a timely fashion

  • We have multiple staging sites across the U.S.

  • We provide cross-docking to our customers that require this service.

Program Management

  • We maintain an active R & D group that continuously expands our product lines depth and breadth

  • We maintain our own in-house graphics and art department

  • We offer our customers store layout support as well as store program continuity.


Warehouse & Trucking

Warehouse Facility

Warehouse Facility

Warehouse Facility